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The Generate DOLLAR PTC With Easy

This time I will share knowledge to my friends all about how to get DOLLARS in Neobux. What is Neobux? NeoBux is a free international service is available in Different Languages
NeoBux service allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisements on NeoBux website.
NeoBux user clicks on the ad and see the ad by the deadline provided by the advertiser.
After seeing the ad, userNeoBux get "cash" into their NeoBux account.
To become a user NeoBux and start earning income, NOT NECESSARY COST (FREE REGISTRATION)
Why Neobux?
As PTC N0. 1 In The World, the most important keys held by NeoBux is:
INSTANT PAYMENT: the speed of direct payments into and processed quickly to be in the account paypal, alertpay, or netteler members
NeoBux is the rank-
59 (as of March 4, 2010) of the 100 Top Sites in Indonesia according to Alexa Rank
NeoBux ranked 576th in the world (as of March 4, 2010), and
NeoBux was ranked in the world to -1 PTC
How much bsia we earn?
The amount of revenue generated varies depending on the user's membership, ads viewed, and the number of referrals they have.
Example Standard Member (No Investment) with a 300 RR (RR maximum allowed):
You click 4 ads per day: 4 x $ 0.01 = $ 0.04
Your referral clicks 4 ads per day: 4 x $ 0005 x 300 = $ 6
The amount of your income + Referral = $ 0.04 + $ 6 = $ 6.04 / day x 30 days = $ 181.2 / month x 12 months = $ 2174.4
Dollar exchange rate we take Rp.9500, -, then your earnings per day = 6.04 x 9500 = Rp. 57 380, -
month = 181.2 x 9500 = Rp. 1,721,400, -
year = 2174.4 x 9500 = Rp. 20,656,800, -
How much do I get paid?
The amount paid to you depends on several factors. Here's a picture of income you get depends on the membership you have: click Standard Membership: $ 0010 (standard) - $ 0015 (extended), referral click: $ 0005 (standard) - $ 0010 (extended). Golden Membership click: $ 0010 (standard) - $ 0020 (extended), referral click: $ 0010 (standard) - $ 0020 (extended)
Note: There is also a bonus mini-ads, with a value of $ 0005 each click
When do I get paid?
To receive payment you must first have an online account (Paypal, Alertpay, or Neteller). For Indonesia, Paypal is recommended because it can transfer to our local bank
Minimum Payout / Payments totaled $ 2.00 for the first payout request, $ 3.00 second, $ 4.00 third, continually added 1 to $ 10.00. This means that if the primary balance (main balance) you have reached that figure, you can withdraw the money.
How much time payment?
Once you submit a payment request (just click the button), you will receive within seconds directly into our paypal account. (If there are no technical problems during the process)
As for the paypal account to transfer funds from your bank account in Indonesia we require to process approximately 3-4 working days (If there are no technical obstacles in the process of delivery)
What the heck's referral?
Ok. Earlier I have mentioned at the beginning of the referral, the referral is actually who the hell is this?
Referral is someone who works for you, the next question, like what?
Here there are two types of referrals:
Direct Referral: users who sign up using your name as the Referrer (Giving Information)
Rented referral: You rented it from NeoBux
So How to get referrals?
There are three ways you can do:
Using the banner: Put your banner online with a link to NeoBux is already equipped your username. When the visitor clicks on that banner, he will send its data to NeoBux, and if he signed up, then NeoBux will keep this for you.
Talk: Just tell everyone to join NeoBux and write down your username in the Referrer, then he will become your referral
Renting: You can rent referrals monthly to work with you. Please check your account to hire him. The number of referrals available will vary depending on how many users who sign up without a referral. You will get referrals who click on ads at least 10 times in the last 5 days
Is NeoBux will Survive?
Neobux 1.Members suppose now there are about 6 million people around the world
2.Member active just click on it eg 2 million people
3.Members the concern and focus 150 thousand people
4.Members the upgrade Golden 10 thousand people
5.Members the upgrade Golden Pack 1000 people
Well this is where lies the strength of the business ptc Neobux, ptc before people think it depends on advertising, right first time, now is not, why not? Since neobux came and broke all sorts of traditions ptc of pay quickly (instant payment) to introduce merger rental refferal system and direct referrals, plus the application of multilevel system upgrades who joined the Golden Pack This is a very sophisticated system and powerful due to have a very fitur2 another with the concept another ptc2
Finance Neobux
1000 Ultimate X $ 890 = $ 890,000 (exchange rate $ 1 = 9300) means that the income NeoBux of this post is $ 890,000 X Rp.9300 = Rp. (Eight Million Two Hundred Seventy Seven Million Rupiah)
1000 Ultimate X $ 90 = $ 90,000 (exchange rate $ 1 = Rp.9300) means additional income for NeoBux of this post is $ 90,000 X Rp.9300 = Rp.837.000.000 (Eight Hundred Thirty-Seven Million Rupiah)
10,000 X $ 90 = $ 900,000 X Rp.9300 = Rp.8.370.000.000 (Eight Million Three Hundred Seventy Million
Extraordinary is not it? Of the three calculations above we've got the following results: Ultimate 1.Hasil Rp., - 2.Hasil of Golden membership of the Ultimate Rp.837.000.000, - 3.Hasil of membership of the Golden Rp.8.370 member. 000 000, -
Total obtained by neobux of this post alone is: Rp.17.484.000.000, - (Seventeen Million Four Hundred Eighty Four Million Rupiah) wow fantastic! ...
What are reciprocal? Is the Ultimate obtain goods worth 9 million dollars? Or get a golden mobile phone worth 900 thousand dollars? Not at all not even sertifikatpun not existing as a form of cost-reducing (cost) is: 1.Ultimate 15 ads / day X 365 days = 5475 ad X $ 0.02 = $ 109.5 / year X Rp.9300 = Rp.1.018. 350 X 1000 Ultimate = Rp.1.018.350.000, - (One Million Eighteen Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Euro)
2.Golden 9 ads / day X 365 days = 3285 ad X $ 0.01 = $ 32.85 X 10 000 X Rp.305.505 Rp.9300 = Golden = Rp., - (Fifty Three Million Five Million Fifty Thousand Rupiah) When added together is Rp.1.018.350.000 Rp. +, - = Rp. 4.0734 billion, - (Four Billion Seventy Three Million Four Hundred Thousand) So Nett income derived from membership both NeoBux is: Rp. 17,484,000,000 - Rp.4.073.400.000, - = Rp.13.410.600.000, - (Thirteen Million Four Hundred Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand) per year
Was just up there alone? Are there other funding sources? Remember .. NeoBux sell other products with the landlord (rented) that is Rented referrals that prices vary according to membership tiers.
These features are also sources incomenya NeoBux:
Rented referrals $ 0.25/ref
Recycle (referral reimbursement of $ 0.07/ref)
Renew (Extended) or an extension of $ 0.25/ref
Removing RR that we got from $ 0.02 - $ 0.06 / ref
NeoBux makes sense right?!
How do I register?
1. Register or Click Banner below ..

2. Fill in the data themselves.
3. Email address must match the address your Paypal account or Alertpay
4. Click the ad is served to my friends getting DOLLARS.
Want More details, please Download it HERE Ebook
May be useful.


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