Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can Dollar From ClixSense Without Capital

This time I will post one way to generate the dollar with PTC.
What is a PTC (Pay To Click) Paid To Click is an online business an attractive style of online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, acting as an intermediary between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and some of these payments go to the audience when he views the advertisement.
In addition, some PTC sites offer a commission to its members to sign up new members (similar to a lot of affiliate marketing online program), or they can pay a percentage of the member referral clicks they make as an ongoing commission.
This time I will use PTC ClicxSanse.

What is Clixsense?
Clixsense is an affiliate program is very simple, very simple and very easy to run, and most importantly to enroll in clixsense you will not be charged seperserpun or FREE!
Clixsense can be used as additional income in your online business while you are browsing on the internet, wherever and whenever you can run this program. and of course a pretty good income for you.

How it Works?
Clixsense is one of the most new business program that will pay you to click the ads they display URL. For one ad only takes about 30 seconds. one ad valued at about $ 0.01 to $ 5.

There are two types namely Standard and Premium member.
what is the difference? The difference is that, for regular or standard member (member of the registration / sign up for free), advertising on the show only 2-5 ads per day only. But if Premium member ads will be displayed 200-300 ad that you must click / visit, it's just that we have to pay $ 10 to become a Premium member. Payment via paypal and you can also check google.

The program is very well suited for those of you who like to browse and to enjoy our services or have less time to earn money from internet. the calculation is very beneficial, because if the logic and practice calculated as follows:

A 30-second commercials and we paid 0.01 - $ 5, we choose a per ad $ 0.01 just means the benchmark of a click is $ 0.01 if we take time daily 2-hour mean can be calculated 2 hours = 120 minutes x 2 (60 sec / 30 sec) = 240 Click. if the calculated mean $ 0.01 a day = 2.4 / 2 hours. If the month multiplied by 2.4 x 30 = $ 72 pretty instead.

Besides, you also will earn more if you can get referrals by 10% of people who register. and get 50% of the amount of $ from people who become a premium member via your referral.

Sending a check can be set profile section. will be delivered once it reaches $ 10 or can be set to $ 20, $ 50, $ 100 .. % 500 or a certain amount that existed at the site clixsense

For those interested immediately wrote Sign up here or via the banner below


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