Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fitness Exercise

You want to have a body fit and healthy?
I have a surefire way ..
Please see and read the article below

    Exercise #1 - Nilsson Curls
Why Is This Exercise So Effective? - The Nilsson Curl, which cantechnically be described as a forearm-braced chin-up movement,is a unique biceps exercise. The reason: it uses your totalbodyweight for resistance!
Most biceps exercises, such as barbell and dumbell curls, requirethat you move the resistance around your body while your bodyremains anchored.
While this is certainly effective, it has been established thatexercises which require you to move your body around a fixedobject (such as occurs during a chin-up) fire many more musclefibers.
This results in a much more effective exercise for the muscle!And if that wasn't enough to make this a killer exercise, have alook at this:
The majority of biceps exercises are isolation exercises. Theywork the biceps across only one joint (the elbow). This seriouslylimits the amount of weight you can use and hence limits yourultimate biceps development.

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